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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 18:14:47 -0700 (PDT)From: Ronnie Andrews Subject: "Dreaming Preteen Videos of a Cum Filled World" by RONNIE ANDREWSDisclaimer Warning: If you're under age or offended bythe subject matter you should not be here readingthis, so DO NOT read any further. This story, in partor in its entirety, shall not to be reproduced withoutthe author's prior permission.Additional Warning: Reading this story might make yourcock very, very hard. The author assumes noresponsibility for your spontaneous erections ormassive mind-blowing orgasms you will certainly get byreading this story.Dreaming of a Cum Filled Worldby Ronnie AndrewsI woke to a quiet room. Only a few rays of themorning sun sprinkled through the window. Preteen Videos As I becamemore aware of my surroundings I noticed my cock wasrock hard. I still had visions of a beautiful dream.In my dream I was in a world inhabited by only men.Every day, every moment the entire world full of menwas one huge orgy of mouths on cocks, cocks in asses,and men jacking their divine sperm over the flesh ofother waiting men, each man craving that moment whentheir skin became baptised with the holy seed fromanother man.Oh to be in such a world. In my dream there were ten,then a hundred, followed by a thousand, Preteen Videos and then amillion men all lined up to spew their sexual seedsall over my body and in my mouth. Oh to be covered bythe sperm of a million men feeling their fluidsflowing over every inch of my naked body.In this beautiful world of men there were rivers ofcum flowing everywhere. I melted at the thought ofswimming in a river of pure white cum, occasionallydipping my head under its surface, drinking andlapping at it. My entire being becoming totallyconsumed by it. Its scent and taste intoxicated me.I was powerless against the cum that bathed my body.But I chose to be powerless, I longed to be sprayedwith such a wonderous fluid, a seminal fluid full ofswimming sperm all wanting to swim over my entirebody, in my mouth, and down into the deepest recesseson my being.I longed for a world full of men and rivers of cum. Idreamt of such a paradise in the world I lived. Sucha place would be pure heaven. There is no morebeautiful sight than that of a man's body, each withhis own distinct cock and balls. Although no two arealike, they all are beautiful in their oneness.As I laid in the darkness of my bedroom Preteen Videos I was becomingmore and more a part of the dream I just had. I feltsuch a need to have a thousand men's seed flowing Preteen Videos overme. I wanted so much to feel their sperm splashingover my body, my face, my tongue, my throat.My hand reached down to my throbbing cock and Icontinued to fantasize about my dream world of men.Precum oozed from my cockhead onto my stroking hand.I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked it all offwhile imagining myself in my dream world lapping atthe precum from thousands of hard cocks.As I laid in bed playing with my rigid cock andfeeling so inspired from the dream I just had, I knewI would have to satisfy my hunger for a man's cum, anyman's cum. I wondered where I could go where therewould be a lot of men. I had heard of Hippie Hollowon Lake Travis near Austin as being a place where gaysmet, but I never had been there before. I lived inRound Rock just thirty minutes away from there so Idecided to go. I grabbed a pair of white cut-offjeans and a blue t-shirt, put them on and left.Before I got on the road I stopped and bought a sixpack of beer. My cock was rock hard during the entiredrive. I was so eager to be with another naked man ormany naked men. My fantasies, fueled by my dream,filled me with lust. As I got closer to Hippie HollowI looked for a place to park. Even though it wasstill mid-morning there were a lot of guys showing up,getting out of their cars and walking into the woods.I parked and watched for another half hour while Ifinished off the rest of my six-pack of beer. Myinhibitions were completely erased by the alcohol andmy throbbing cock. I got out of my car and walkeddown one of the trails to Hippie Hollow. As I gotcloser to the lake I saw men Preteen Videos everywhere, some on theirknees sucking off another man, and some just leaningagainst a tree playing with their crotches.I felt as if I found a part of that world I had dreamtof. So many men, so many cocks, and all of thatdelicious cum. I could barely see one guy who was offto himself behind some thick brush, but it was obvioushe was playing with his crotch. I went up to him andput my hand under his balls as he continued to strokehis cock. We both looked at each other's face brieflyand then, without saying a word, we both looked downto his cock and balls. God his balls were hot. Irolled them gently in my hand and he moaned. I knewthat my every touch was sending more of his sperm intohis magical receptacle of love, his prostate.After I saw his cockhead becoming more and more coatedwith his delicious precum I couldn't hold back anylonger. I lowered myself to my knees and just lookedat his beautiful cock. I was mesmerized by the beautyof his cock. His shaft stuck straight up from histhick forest of pubes. His shaft had those classicalveins flowing through it, the same veins which gavehis life to his cock. The head of his cock was roundwith a nice thick crown. At its center was the slitfrom which his cum spewed forth from. I wanted tomuch to experience all that his cock had to offer.What a beautiful organ full of magic, power and lust.As he continued to stroke his cock I leaned forwardand lapped at his balls like a hungry animal. Thescent from his crotch drove me wild with desire. Iwanted him. I wanted this man. I wanted his cum.With him still stroking his cock I engulfed the headof his cock with my mouth. I just held it there whilehe jacked his cock. With every stroke toward its tipI felt drop after drop of his precum being forced outand onto my tongue.I didn't want him to shoot off so soon so I replacedhis hand with mine so I could control the pleasure hewas receiving. I moved his cock to just the rightposition and started to suck on its head. Oh howwonderful his precum tasted. But I wanted more, somuch more. I wanted this man's seed.Instinctively, I started bobbing my head over hisshaft. He put his hands behind my head and gently ranhis fingers through my hair. As I sucked, I rotatedmy head to give him maximum pleasure. Every turn ofmy head was met with a deep moan from my man. Hebegan to pull my head toward his crotch. I knew hewouldn't be able to hold his orgasm back much longer.I reached around and grabbed his ass in my hands andpulled him to me as he thrust his cock deeper anddeeper into my mouth.I love being face fucked. The feeling of a hard cockbeing shoved into my mouth always Preteen Videos fills me with lust.I loved to feel my mouth being used as a pussy. Wewere both in perfect rhythm. My mouth, his cock, myhead, his body all moving in perfect harmony. Withinminutes he thrust his cock forward and deep into mymouth and held it there. My tongue continued itsassault darting all over his cockhead and shaft. Hisloud, animal moans must have been Preteen Videos heard all over thepark, but I didn't care. All I wanted was his cumspurting into my mouth.In seconds his cock swelled up and began pulsatinguncontrollably. Blast after blast of his spermsplashed all over the insides of my hungry mouth. Allof my senses were focused on my man and his sperm. Iwanted him to experience the greatest pleasure he everhad in this world. My tongue continued to swirl allaround his cum-coated cock. As it did I marveled atthe wonderful taste, oh, that taste, that divine tasteof sperm. The holy seed of man.The dream I had in the morning was coming true. Thesperm I longed for was now being spewed into my mouth.Although I didn't know this wonderful man we wereforever bonded by a ritual as old as man himself, theritual of cocksucking. I would always have the veryessence of his being inside of me, and he would alwayshave the memory of the most pleasurable moment of hislife.As his cock stopped throbbing and the jets of hissperm diminished I felt his cock start to soften. Ididn't want this magical moment to ever end. But ashe pulled slightly back his cock fell from mycum-coated lips. I looked up to his face and I openedmy mouth for him to see the gift he had just given me.As I opened my mouth strands of his cum stretchedfrom lip to lip. I reached out my tongue and swirledit all around my lips getting all of his deliciousjuices. With my mouth still open I swallowed hissperm as he watched every drop flow down into mythroat.He didn't say anything but I knew from his look he wasfeeling complete bliss. We both were. I loved to bea part of this man's life, if only for a short time.I felt my being had a purpose and that is to pleasuremen and to devour their tasty juices.Our eyes broke and I looked around. While I wastotally oblivious to everything in the world while Iwas sucking this man's cock ten more men had formed acircle around us. They all had their pants down or offentirely and were playing with their balls and cocks.All of them had very hard cocks and most of theircockheads were coated with their precum. My oncestrong fixation on the man before me evaporated and anewfound lust swept over me. Oh, so many men, so manycocks, so much cum.I turned my body around to see another man's cockdripping of precum right by my mouth. I quicklyengulfed its head and Preteen Videos slowly pushed my face over itsshaft until my nose was buried in his pubes. Heinstinctively started to deepthroat me until heunloaded a huge load into my hungry mouth. One by oneI sucked off ten more throbbing, Preteen Videos pulsating cocks. Ifelt the blasts from all those cocks spew their manjuice into my mouth. I delighted in swallowing everydrop I could. Two men pulled out of my mouth at thelast moment and sprayed their treasure all over myface. As I knelt with my knees on the ground in frontof all these naked men I realized that I had foundthat world I had dreamt of, even if it was just asmall part of it.I stayed the entire day at Hippie Hollow, and before Ileft that night I sucked off ninety-seven cocks. Somany men. So much semen. As I drove home that nightI felt completely fulfilled. My being was floating ina sea of cum. I felt as if I had found a piece ofheaven, a heaven full of men, cocks, and the holiestof all fluids, their divine sperm.When I got home I quickly undressed and fell onto mybed exhausted. I wrapped my naked body under my softcovers. The pungent, yet so very sweet scent of cumfilled all of my senses as I laid there thinking ofall the virile, potent men who sprayed their precioussemen into my mouth and on my face. Even with my mindfilled with so many erotic visions of the day Icouldn't wait to fall off to a blissful sleep so thatI could go back to that world I dreamt of the nightbefore. But this time my dreams will not feel sodistant or unreal. And I will have the semen fromninety-seven men within my body to inspire even moreerotic dreams in my world of men.Copyright 2008, Ronnie Andrews, All Rights ReservedHi guys, if you like my story I would love to hearfrom you. Let me know if my story made your cockhard, or if you shot a load of your cum while readingmy story. Hey, I don't get Preteen Videos paid for writing thesestories so is it too much to ask to send me a quicknote telling me if you shot a load? I do get inspiredto write new stories when I get hot letters from guyswho tell me what sexual acts they love the most.Please write! And when you do please cite the name ofthe story in your title. Thanks! If you would liketo get on my mailing list or to send comments about mystories please write to megadineroyahoo.comIf you would like to read some of my other stories goto these links...Convenience Store Suck Off/nifty/gay/encounters/convenience-store-suck-offMy Cum Filled Retreat/nifty/gay/encounters/cum-filled-retreatDelights of Cocksucking/nifty/gay/encounters/delights-of-cocksuckingDrinking Ed's Sperm/nifty/gay/beginnings/drinking-eds-spermMy Discovery of Sperm/nifty/gay/encounters/discovery-of-spermEating My Own Sperm/nifty/gay/masturbation/eating-my-own-spermFirst Time I Ate Cum/nifty/gay/encounters/first-time-i-ate-cumMatt & Ronnie/nifty/gay/encounters/matt-and-ronnieMy First Meeting with Patrick/nifty/gay/encounters/meeting-with-patrickSucking Off My Baseball Buddies/nifty/gay/highschool/sucking-off-baseball-buddiesSwallowing Paul/nifty/gay/adult-friends/swallowing-paulWall of Cocks/nifty/gay/encounters/wall-of-cocks
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